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Tuesday, September 22, 2009
1.) I can't for the life of me remember what the sun is. It's been cloudy and dreary for the past week or so. There was some sun on Sunday (Sun on Sunday...what a coincidence). I'm looking out the window now and all I see is gray skies. It hasn't been raining in the Charlotte Metro area, most of the rain has stayed west of us. It's like were living in the Pacific Northwest. We need rain...Not cloudy skies without precipitation!! It looks like the sun will dominate the day next Monday, but until then, cloudy and dreary skies will prevail. On the positive side of things, today is the first day of Fall. 10:34 AM marked the turnover from Summer to Fall. Next week looks cooler, according to the 15 day forecast. upper 30's for lows and 60's for highs. The best time to fly fish here in the state (especially for streamer enthusiasts) is in the Autumn months.

2.) I was able to fix the blog difficulties yesterday. I needed to renew the domain which only last annually. Lance Milks (his blog is here) emailed me yesterday because the blog was down. I checked and sure enough, "Tar Heel Fly Fishing" was now a random webpage/advertisement. It came to me that the domain has probably expired. I renewed it and an hour later the blog was back up and running smoothly. It scared me for a second, as I didn't know if it could be fixed our not. Sorry for the hold up, I'm sure some folks are thinking Tar Heel Fly Fishing is gone...It's not!!

3.) I checked the water levels which are VERY high in Western NC. The Davidson River is blown out. Currently it has receded back down to 1,010 cfs (I know what you're thinking...Receded?!?! To 1,010?!?!). Folks, average for the "D" is a mere 83 cfs. The water levels spiked to nearly 6,000 cfs yesterday evening. For a brief hour or two, the NWS Flood Stage was reached on the Davidson. Has anyone ventured over that way during all of the heavy rain?


Lance Milks said...

Hey Tyler,

Glad to see youre up and running again.


Tyler Legg said...


I'm glad I was able to figure out what the problem was.

Thanks again,


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