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Saturday, September 5, 2009
1.) I've been on my toes the past few weeks. School has been taking away from the blogging world. Haven't had much of a chance to get away from it all. Projects and major assignments are now being assigned, which will take away even more blogging time. I've got an SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) project that's being planned out. I'm still not sure what to do, but, I'm thinking it will relate to fishing in some way, shape, or form. I've thought about heading back to the Smokies to help with the brook trout restoration project on Lynn Camp Prong. As long as the project pertains to wildlife, conservation or general agriculture it's accepted. Stream restoration on Irish Buffalo Creek which runs behind my house is another project. It's a real possibility, and would not be "just another science project". I would have to obtain permission through the county and the Soil and Water Department. I'll probably contact our local Trout Unlimited chapter here in Cabarrus County. If this becomes reality, I'll concentrate on restoring a section of Irish Buffalo, making it more suitable for the native bluegill and bass that inhabit it, and making not only the stream better, but the surrounding riverbanks and adjacent areas more suitable for other folks and for wildlife. Before and after pictures are a necessity for this project, which shows progress. So, I've got some work to begin in the coming days/weeks/months.

2.) College football's here!! I've seen/heard of some major blow-outs today. Here's a few final blow-out scores...

Florida/Charleston Southern....62-3. ~Florida

Notre Dame/Nevada.....35-0. ~ND

North Carolina/Citadel.....40-6. ~UNC

Vanderbilt/Western Carolina....45-0 ~Vanderbilt

Kentucky/Miami (OH).....42-0 ~Kentucky

Tennessee/W Kentucky....63-7 ~Tennessee

Boston College/Northeastern.....54-0 ~BC

Montana (GO GRIZ!!)/Western State....38-0 ~Montana

My grandad who is a graduate of Baylor University down in Waco, TX, had tickets to the Baylor-Wake Forest game, so we all were up in Winston Salem for that game. 24-21, Baylor...It started out gruesome if you're a Deacs fan, but eventually winded down to a 3 point difference, which is not bad at all. If it would have been 65-3 it would have been pretty horrible.


Russ said...

I hate notre dame.

Tyler Legg said...

Did you go to Nevada?!?!

Mark said...

Tyler, if you decide to go ahead with your stream restoration, you might contact your local Boy Scout troop. They are always looking for worthy projects, especially for the Eagle Scout candidates.

Lance Milks said...

Hey Tyler,

I was wondering if you have ever fished Harris Creek in Stone Mountain State Park? I am thinking of heading up there in the next few days. I wrote an email to the park staff for access info. C&R, native brookies, very remote, almost zero pressure.


Tyler Legg said...


It's looking like stream restoration will be the best choice. We've got several groups in out county that participate in stream clean up and restoration; including the local boy scout troop. I'll have to look into it...


I've never fished Harris before, but I have read and heard about it. Harris Creek is about as remote as you can get around Stone Mountain. You have to take a primitive trail to get to it though (you won't see another soul). The trail runs between Stone Mountain SP and the Thurmand Chatham game land. Albeit you're on the trail adjacent to Harris Creek, you'll have to do some hiking downhill to access the stream. It's worth it though, as there's plenty of smallish brookies (but, it's not out of the realm of possibilitiy one can go 7,8,9 inches). It is C&R and all of the fish are wild. Almost all of the fish have never laid eyes on a fly before, so they should just about jump into your hands if you're stealthy enough. Stop by the visitor's center there in the park and the rangers should guide in the right direction. It's remote wilderness, but it's beautiful...Oh, and take a GPS or a map just in case you lose the trail.


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