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Monday, February 27, 2012

This morning's Charlotte Observer... Gas prices. College basketball. Hollywood. Academy Awards. Brook trout. Daytona. Wait... Brook trout? Yep. My eyes immediately deviated from the headlines to the words "brook trout" in a split second. It's pretty cool that our beloved brook trout is getting some face time in the largest newspaper in North and South Carolina. Check out the article here.



Brk Trt said...

Great news on one front.
Wonderful article.

Feather Chucker said...

Interesting. Thanks for the post.

Owl said...

Great story Tyler. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Bill Trussell said...

Anytime the words fishing, trout, bass or bluegill appear in print, it will get my attention---by the way great article.

jeff said...

Any time the words "Charlotte Observer" appear, my bile starts raging. So, I wasn't the least bit surprised to also find the phrase "climate change" in the second sentence.

Man-made warming or climate change is a hoax. And the Obscurer, a McClatchey paper, is a serial hoaxster.

The fruitcake pictured in the article, Doloff, presumes the validity of the junk science and says, "If a trout can't live somewhere anymore, there's going to be a whole bunch of other species that can't live there either," and the author says "This makes them good indicators for understanding the effects of climate change."

But then the author tries to explain why the "scientific" models used to predict impact might be skewed by other environmental factors such as forest canopies and urban areas.

His questions should have been: "Would the concept of global warming exist without this newspaper perpetually stirring up wealth-envy amongst its readers?" or..."What purpose this nonsense about climate change without yet another (wasteful) government-funded study?"

If you read the Observer without a fully-functioning bullshit meter, you might be tempted to reference an article therein which makes you look foolish for doing so. My advice: find something better to read than the Observer, especially anytime the subject has anything to do with the environment.

Adam Wilson said...

I barely made it past "Gas Prices" because Gas Prices are hurting my fishing trips!

Owl Jones said...

Contrary to what jeff said ( sort of, since I agree with him about "climate change") this article is a good example of why we shouldn't let conservation groups use a "sky is falling" routine to drum up donations.

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