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Friday, November 11, 2011

The brave men and women that have fought, are fighting, and have bravely and selflessly laid down their life for this great nation are true heroes. Albeit most I've had the pleasure of talking to humbly disagree with the fact they are heroes, they have defended our great nation so that we can live in a free country.

My great grandfather, one of many heroes.
Sifting through a shoebox full of my great grandfather's pictures, I came across several photos, circa early to mid 1940s from his days in Europe during the largest and most violent war mankind has ever witnessed. He never spoke of the war. Not one mention. We were utterly clueless about his involvement in WWII until he passed away. Upon realizing what he had accomplished, we all were speechless. My great grandfather, PFC Johnnie Gunter, was an MP with the 103rd Infantry Division out of Rapides Parish, Louisiana. We later discovered he drove amphibious boats onto the banks of Normandy during D-Day. As they landed, I'm sure he witnessed some of the most horrific scenes he's ever had the displeasure of seeing. I can't begin to imagine. I quickly realized why he kept this info to himself. To this very day, sifting through that shoebox full of photos and antiquated documents is a bit overwhelming.

Veteran's Day is winding to a close. Frankly, I believe everyday is Veteran's Day. I salute all that have servedfrom the Revolutionary War to the current War On Terrorall that are currently serving, and all that are gearing up to serve the red, white, and blue. Without you guys, the United States of America wouldn't be what it is today. Whether you're in the USMC, USAF, Army, Navy, or Coast Guard, I say thank you for everything you guys do.


Brk Trt said...

Thanks Tyler

U.S. Army

Bill Trussell said...

Let us never forget what our men and women in uniform have done and is doing for this great country. Thankd for sharing this post.

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