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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wrapping up one great weekend! The 3rd annual WNC Fly Fishing Expo was a success, with a host of anglers, dealers, shops, demonstrators, and anglers in attendance. Great to see everyone there! Already looking forward to next year.

This morning I met my buddy Kevin on the Davidson, where we both were determined on putting a fish over 20" in the net. Kevin and I have been fishing the backcountry brookie streams all summer long, so it was definitely a change of pace hearing the reel zing and watching the rod bend.

It's been a while since I've landed a fish over 10", given my incurable brook trout addiction. Of course the first fish of the day happened to be a stocker brookie. I guess I'm cursed. We both netted a handful of wild rainbows/browns in addition to plenty of those pesky northern strain brookies that have escaped from the adjacent hatchery.

In the end, no fish over 20". I lost count of how many times we both either missed a strike or broke off on a huge fish. In fact, the most common phrase used today was "I had him" and "man that was a nice fish". All in all though, we agreed it was a good day. With that being said, we were not the only anglers that didn't meet the goal of the day. The kid, fly rod in hand, stomping back to the car with his arms crossed, was introduced to the technicality of the Big D. We all love the Davidson, but man alive it can make you lose your mind if you don't bring your A game. The challenge brings me back though.

 The Squirmy Wormy strikes again. A wild brown from the upper D.

 Kevin with a nice bow.


Bill Trussell said...

Nice looking trout, what was the size of the brown? What wt and length rod were you guys using on the Davidson? Also what type patterns are you using there now. The reason I am so curious is I will be making a trip next week to the Caney and just might try your suggestion there. Also did the leaves interfere with any top action? Great Post

Tyler Legg said...

Bill- The brown was about 14". Kyped jaw and all!

I was using a 6wt 9ft, and I'm pretty sure Kevin was using a 4wt 9ft. Both worked well. Blood midges and streamers were the patterns of choice.

Leaves didn't interfere with rising fish, but unintentionally hooking leaves was a big problem, which in turn spooked some fish.

Good luck on the Caney! Good time of the year to fish around here.

trout fishing tasmania said...

Its great trip Definitely looking forward to it! Fishing is good time What are the funds used for during this event?

Barramundi fishing said...

Its a great fishing lines and enjoy Its nice looking trout is fabulous sides fantastic blog

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