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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Changes for the 2011-2012 season: 

- Buckeye Creek, Watauga County (Buckeye Creek Reservoir dam to Grassy Gap Creek) designated as Hatchery Supported.

- Spring Creek, Madison County (N.C. 209 bridge at Hot Springs city limits to iron
bridge at end of Andrews Avenue) designated as Delayed Harvest.

- Tuckasegee River, Jackson County (downstream N.C. 107 bridge to the falls
located 275 yards upstream of the U.S. 23-441 bridge [marked
by a sign on each bank])
Designated as Delayed Harvest.

- Tuckasegee River—upper (confluence with West Fork
Tuckasegee River to the downstream N.C. 107 bridge)
Tuckasegee River—lower (falls located 275 yards upstream
of U.S. 23-441 bridge [marked by a sign on each bank] to
S.R. 1534 bridge at Wilmot)
designated as Hatchery Supported.

- Ararat River, Surry County (N.C. 103 bridge to U.S. 52 bridge) Designated as Delayed Harvest.

-Coffee Lake, Watauga County, designated as Delayed Harvest.

Hot Springs (Madison County): Spring Creek (N.C. 209 bridge at Hot Springs city
limits to iron bridge at end of Andrews Avenue) [Designated as Mountain Heritage Trout Waters Delayed-Harvest regulations apply]

- Elk Creek, Wilkes County (portion on Leatherwood Mountains Development) designated as Delayed Harvest.

To see the additional minor changes, click here to read them. Changes to the regs are in red.

Proposed changes for the 2012-2013 season: 

A couple of new DH waters are being considered for 2012-2013. They include (but are not limited to) 0.6 miles of the Catawba (McDowell Co. portion), 1.5 miles of Elk Creek (Wilkes), and reclassifying the lower 2.5 miles of Big Horse Creek (Ashe) as DH. We'll see what happens! To see the full list of proposals, click here.


Owl said...

Hmm...no Fires Creek DH water? Heard that was coming....sure would take a little pressure off the Nan. Oh well. Thanks for posting these Tyler. Good to know the regs.

Tyler Legg said...

Yeah, it's odd for sure. Fires Creek is Hatchery Supported, but don't know why they haven't designated it as DH. As we all know, HS can be good at times and it can be bad at times. Mostly bad. Maybe they'll add it in the future...

Kev2380 said...

I'm really surprised elk creek is going to be DH that creek is tiny.

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