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Friday, August 12, 2011

Stepping out onto the back porch tonight was refreshing. Here in Carolina, (really the entire southeast), you have to be up before dawn, but after 2am in the morning in order to feel some cooler temperatures. Once the sun peaks over the pines, the Carolina clay, softened from the morning dew, is quickly turning to rock.

Nine times out of ten, it's not a dry heat around here. It's humid as all get out. Heat and humid are inseparable sidekicks from May through August around these parts. On rare occasions, one will take a break and we scramble to enjoy every moment of it. This year, those occasions were few and far between. So, when you glance at the forecast and read words such as "cooler" and "less humidity", you don't know if you should jump for joy or wonder if there's fine print you didn't read. No joke folks, cooler temps are coming to the rescue, as a strong cold front—the one that's producing some gnarly t'storms over in Oklahoma—advances west across the plains, eventually passing through the Carolinas late tomorrow night and early Sunday. I'm thinking those 7 consecutive days of 90s are behind us. The cold fronts should break the heat up before it gets too bad.

Storms are expected to roll rumble through WNC as the front enters and exits. Some locations may see some a few lone storms during the day tomorrow, but the most widespread coverage of storms should occur tomorrow night into Sunday. Heads up if you're fishing tomorrow, as you may encounter a few storms. If you're planning on fishing Sunday, keep an eye on the forecast and an eye to the sky. These storms will have the potential to produce hail and unleash some strong winds. Heavy rain will cause streams to quickly rise, so be ready to jump out of the water upon first notice of the river rising. Streamers will be effective where heavy rain causes rivers to rise. A #10 Woolly Bugger or Zonker should be perfect. Other times, a Green Weenie, Extended Body Inchworm, Inch Caddis, Yellow Stimulator, Yellow Para Adams, Copper John, Prince, or Pheasant Tail Nymph (just to name a few) should work well. If you don't see any fish, locate a small waterfall, chute, or some turbid, whitewater. Trout are concentrating in these areas, where dissolved oxygen is at its greatest. Play the fish as quick as possible, try not to tire him out completely, and send him back ASAP.

Send in those fish pictures from NC if you'd like! I'll post them to the THFF Fish Wall for fellow anglers to enjoy. Details are in the post below.


AYearOnTheFly said...

All I can say is thank goodness. Bring on the fall. I've had enough of the heat and the snakes on the rivers!!

Mark said...

Looks like maybe some of these high pressure ridges are starting to breakdown a little. Between that, the time of year its getting to be, and the shortening of daylight, we should start to see some relief.

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