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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's 95 and hazy. No, not Dick Cheney, but the weather here in the Piedmont. Hot has been the weather word for the past few weeks. Bad news is, the heat doesn't look to let up anytime soon. Summer has arrived and it's here to stay for awhile.

Typical afternoon t'storms are popping up as I type and they're offering limited relief from the hot and dry conditions. If you're caught under one, the rivers and streams will likely rise, given they're pretty much stationary to very slow moving storms. We need the rain though, as streams are getting lower and lower every day. Check out the levels here.

Delayed Harvest ended Saturday here in NC, so you're best bet in terms of trout will be wild waters and catch and release waters. Some DH waters will still contain trout for a while, some streams will be cleaned out. I'm sure many are already troutless. Unless you're fishing the wild waters, I wouldn't bother heading to Stone Mountain, South Mountain, North Mills, Watauga, and so on. The farther you hike out of the way from easy access (ie a parking area) the better the chances of finding some remaining DH fish. Don't count on it though. Grab the wet wading shoes and head to a wild stream or head to the catch and release waters such as the upper Davidson. You'll find some much better fishing. With that being said, mornings and evenings are fishing the best. When the weather is this hot, trout tend to disappear into a deep pool and wait until the evening and morning hours to become active. In the morning, stick with nymphs. A Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear, Lighting Bug, Hise's Hetero-Genius, Green Weenie, Micro May, or Inch Caddis. In the afternoon, try some terrestrials. An Extended Body Inchworm, Foam Beetle, Foam Back Ant, or even a small hopper pattern should provide for an excellent afternoon. Cast them closer to the bank and set them down on the water with a "pop" to entice fish. Once evening rolls around, tie on a yellow Stimulator, Elk Hair Caddis, Para Adams, Yellow Para Adams, or Light Cahill. If you are fishing during a decent hatch, you're in for a treat.


Anonymous said...

I was able to get down and fish around Hot Springs before the end of DH. Caught some nice fish but have to admit they are very well schooled on those bodies of water.

Tyler Legg said...

Nice! Glad you were able to get out before Bloody Saturday.

According to your blog, you guys had a great time down here in NC! Looking forward to reading Part 2,3, and 4.


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