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Monday, March 14, 2011

Some of the best fishing we've seen since last November is about to unfold. All of the ingredients are coming together to make for one heck of a weekend.

The weather report- Hang in there, the warmth is coming back. Tomorrow will be chilly and rainy, but we'll be rewarded with much warmer weather. A Southwest flow will take over later in the week. SW flow is fancy terminology for a SW wind that allows warm air from the Gulf, south, and southwest US to overspread the region. 77-80 is the forecasted temperature (depending on your source) for a high temperature Friday in Piedmont locales. The weather geek in me says we'll likely hit the lower 80s without much of a problem. If the weatherman forecasts a high of 78 and we reach 85, I doubt there will be many complaining. The mountains will be looking nice as well with highs approaching 70 in Boone on Friday and temps flirting with the mid 70s in Asheville. A cold front slightly cooler front, rolls in Saturday, but most won't even know it. The front drops Asheville's temps from 74 Friday to 67 Sunday. Both sound nice. Don't get me started on what the forecast suggests for next week. Not snow, you can breath now, but more warmth. I've got a growing feeling that the spring hatches (primary bugs being the Quill Gordons and Blue Quills) are about to explode very very soon. Could it be this weekend? Time will tell. Quill Gordons usually hatch in the early afternoon. Blue Quills will hatch from the morning hours to the early afternoon. Depends on the weather in some instances.

Quill Gordon/Blue Quill dries, wets, and nymphs are going to be excellent choices out of the water. I would try a nymph in the morning. A #14-18 Pheasant Tail Nymph, Quill Gordon Nymph, or any other darker bodied nymph is perfect. Then, as you start seeing the first Quill Gordons/Blue Quills hatching, switch to a wet fly that imitates the bug. Trout will be picking off the mayflies darting to the surface to emerge. Drift that wet fly into the trout's feeding lane. Once the fly is near him, raise the rod tip up and let the fly rise to the surface. If a trout leaves bubbles after rising, he's eating a bug on the surface. Time to transition to a dry fly. If you head out in the coming days, enjoy! Tell us how you do.

Enjoy the time change! Sure we lost an hour of sleep, but you gain an hour to fish after work! Ahh... The joys of spring. Speaking of spring, as the title of the post implies, spring officially starts in 6 days.


AYearOnTheFly said...

Its going to be a great year!

Tyler Legg said...

I sure hope so! So far it's looking pretty good!

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