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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Up to 5" of additional rainfall is expected in some places of WNC tomorrow into early Thursday. A Flood Watch has already been posted for the mountain counties. Up to 5" of rain added onto an already saturated ground and swollen rivers is not a good thing. I fully expect a lot of rivers to look like the Davidson did 2 years ago after the remnants of a tropical system blew through. Fishing (or loitering in and around rivers) will be dangerous. As that Davidson River report shows, fishing can be done. Bring some common sense and a respect for Mother Nature if you do fish in those conditions. Remember, trying to wade in that water will either a) leave you without a pair of legs, as the current eats them, or b) the river skips the "leg appetizers" and eats you entirely. Okay, the river won't eat your legs, but it will sweep you away in a hurry.

After all of that rambling, here's the conclusion: Get the ark up to speed and buckle up! Stay safe folks!



Murphy K said...

Planning on fishing this weekend, god and TVA willing, on the So HO with Ryan D and Dave G. Hope the weather gives up soon!!!!

Tyler Legg said...

Sounds like an epic weekend if you ask me! 7 day says picture perfect weather this weekend. Keep Ryan and Dave out of trouble! :)

Gastonwxman said...

Hey Tarheel. Just dropping by to say hi and hoping all is going well for ya. We didn't get as much rain as some of the modeling had it due to convection, but at least we managed to eek out some rain (including any from yesterday's interesting line of showers/storms). Here's to hoping next week brings in something better to help alleviate the drought some. Enjoy the weekend! :) -Gastonwxman

Tyler Legg said...

Good to hear from you Reggie! All is well around here. Hope you're doing well! I'm glad we didn't see the rain amounts that were forecasted. 2-4" in 24-36 hours is never a good thing. I'm a bit surprised the models didn't pick up on those intense storms along the Gulf though. We can thank those storms as they constricted the moisture transport up out of the GoM. Would have been a mess if those storms had not formed.

Thanks for stopping by! Take it easy man!


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