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Friday, March 11, 2011

Odds are your DH stream of choice has been stocked and is ready to be fished. The poachers came in, poached, and ran back up into the hills. We're used to it though. It's impossible to stop every single individual poacher, but you can report the individuals you stumble across. Make sure you're not calling the hotline within eye sight and ear shot of the poacher. He/she will book it if you are. Maybe, just maybe, a warden is in the area and is able to investigate the situation. It's never a good idea to approach a poacher. You never know when they are concealing a weapon. Calmly walk away and report the individual from a distance. You could saved an entire pod of trout from being poached just by making a call. Again, keep your fingers crossed a warden is in the vicinity. If you see any illegal activity (both on the water or in the woods), call 1-800-POACHER or 919-707-0003. If you see a warden, thank him/her! They spend countless hours patrolling the waterways and woods in order to protect and conserve wildlife that us outdoorsmen/women pursue.

Poachers aside, the rivers here in WNC are still rolling. It looks like all water levels are above normal right now. We'll likely see above normal flows through the weekend. We didn't receive the amounts the NWS had previously forecasted, so it looks like huge flooding concerns were not immanent. There were mudslides though, leading to traffic headaches and more detours for travelers. If you do fish this weekend, bring the heavier tippet and the large flies. 4x should be perfect on most rivers. A Woolly Bugger, Zonker, Matuka, Zoo Cougar, or big streamer with a Pheasant Tail or San Juan Worm trailing behind will work wonders. Have fun and good luck! Stay safe, as the rivers are still high and swift.


Owl said...

I always thank them when they're out checking licenses. Poaching isn't just stealing fish, it's stealing money from other anglers and citizens. Great write up!

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