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Monday, February 21, 2011

Today was another warm day. The weather has been and will go up and down though. Here in the Piedmont, we're sitting comfortably in the lower 70s. Most mountain communities are in the 60s. With that being said, wildfires have still been burning across the state. Currently there is one mean fire on the Cumberland-Bladen county line out towards the coast. Fire fighters have only been able to contain 20% of the fire. The other 80% is raging across that area. More than 130 fires have burned across the state. Thankfully, a large fire near Chimney Rock was contained yesterday, of course after burning 1,400 acres of land. In addition a 600 acre fire burned 600 acres in Cherokee County and a small 6 acre fire was contained in Henderson County. We're not out of the fire stricken woods yet. Until we see rain (chances are increasing later this week), there will continue to be a fire danger. Open burning is highly discouraged right now. Click here to follow the fires across the state.

Raging fire on the Cumberland/Bladen County line.  
Copyright 2011 Capitol Broadcasting Company. WRAL.com.

The now contained Jude's Gap Fire in Polk County.
Courtesy NC Division of Forest Resources.

Courtesy WRAL

On to the fishing. Anglers have reported sporadic spring hatches in some areas. Travis Reynolds, over on the Fishing Fanatic blog said he caught a glimpse of one adult Blue Quill while fishing West Prong Little River in GSMNP. Other anglers have seen a few Quill Gordons fluttering about. Still, we're not seeing a full fledge hatch, but, the recent warm weather has enticed the first mayflies of the season to take flight. Once they start hatching, they'll continue to do so, even through colder weather. As always, we'll see them hatch in the lower elevations first and then work their way up into the higher elevations as temps warm. 

Right now nymphs will work better, given the sparse hatches. A Pheasant Tail Nymph, whether it be soft hackle, a beadhead, or a standard, should work well. They imitate dark bodied mayfly and stonefly nymphs and are great Quill Gordon nymph imitators. See the comparison below. Fish them deep and under a strike indicator. Add some split shot if you're not catching anything. You might not be getting the fly deep enough. Other patterns worth trying include a Prince, Hares Ear, Hise's Hetero-Genius, Woolly Buggers, Slumpbusters, etc. Check the recommended flies tab located under the "Fly Fishing WNC" tab at the top. As always, if you head out tell us how you do! Leave a comment below or over on the forum.

A Quill Gordon (Epeorus pleuralis) Nymph.

 A Pheasant Tail Nymph


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