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Saturday, August 28, 2010
It's almost time for Delayed Harvest season folks! For most folks, DH waters offer easier access, plenty of fish, and loads of fun. While the trout that are stocked into these waters aren't as colorful and vibrant as their wild counterparts, they make up for their absence by being easy to find, somewhat easy to catch (especially after recently being stocked), and found in great numbers. Some DH waters are better than others and some are poached to the max, giving anglers an average at best experience.

Without further ado, the Top 5 WNC DH Streams based on the amount/frequency of trout stocked, access, pressure, overall quality, and scenic areas.

5.) Mitchell River DH, Surry County

The Mitchell is a great DH stream. You have to hit it right though. At times the fishing is spectacular. Especially when a respectable hatch is occurring. Other times, it seems as if there's not a trout swimming beneath the Mitchell's many riffles, seams, and pools. Like all DH streams, the Mitchell is constantly stocked from October until June.

4.) Watauga River DH, Watauga County 

Access can be an issue, given the Posted: No Trespassing signs outnumber the NCWRC Public Trout Water signs 9:1. Don't fret though. You can still find a good deal of legally accessible water on the Tar Heel side of the 'Tauga. Sporadic pullouts can be found along the river. When you find one that is void of No Trespassing signs, have at it! The trout fishing is excellent. If you hit it right, you can get into some fantastic fishing.

3.) Stone Mountain DH waters, Alleghany/Wilkes County

Stone Mountain probably contains NC's most popular DH streams. There's a good reason behind it's high popularity. The East Prong Roaring River is the trout mecca within the park boundaries. The trout are everywhere, some have grown to be fairly large, and most of them will cooperate. It's easily accessible and after parking, you'll be fishing in no time.

2.) Nantahala River DH, Macon County

The Nantahala will blow you away. Whether you want to fish for large browns and bows in the tailwater section, or smaller, but plentiful fish on the DH waters, the "Nanty" has it all. The DH section winds it's way from Whiteoak Creek to the NP&L powerhouse discharge canal. It's well worth the drive over. Scenic and wild are words that describe the Nanty perfectly.

1.) Wilson Creek DH, Caldwell County

The one and only. Wilson Creek is the best DH stream I've ever come across. Period. Excellent management, little poaching, loads of trout, and the opportunity to catch very large fish make Wilson a "well worth your time" trout stream. If you've ever fished Wilson, you know how great the fishing is. If you haven't, it should be the first on your "List of DH streams to fish in the 2010-2011 season".

Have another excellent DH stream you love to fish? Tell us about it!


James C. said...

Nice, Tyler. And I agree, for the most part. I know a couple others that, to me, seem to see a bit more action from the boys in state trucks. I'll let you find 'em though. Ha!

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