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Monday, August 30, 2010

The first half of the season has been pretty quiet. Once mid August rolled around, it's like the light switch was turned on. Tropical waves have been rolling off of Africa one by one. Now, I know hurricanes have nothing to do with fly fishing, but it's better to spread the word about approaching Hurricane Earl than to be sorry.

If you live on the OBX of NC or have plans to visit the OBX this week, keep a watchful eye on Earl. Start thinking of what you need to do to be prepared for a possible landfall/scrape by big, bad Earl. Weather models (what meteorologists use to aid in forecasting) have been slowly inching Earl farther westward, putting NC under the gun. Albeit the map has the storm passing a good ways off shore, it's just an educated guess. Nonetheless, Earl is one nasty storm. One of the computer models is suggesting Earl will reach Cat 5 strength with winds of 163 mph and a very low pressure of 916 mb. Sounds eerily familiar to a certain storm that annihilated New Orleans back in '05. Just one model though. Not trying to scare anyone! Pass it along to anyone residing on the NC coast. Even if it strays away from us, it's well worth the precautions. Again, my apologizes for the irrelevant post. Just felt as if I should spread the word.

*The maps update automatically. Just noticed Earl is now a Cat 4 storm. Tropical Storm Fiona is now alive by the way. Danielle is pretty much as dead as a doornail.*


The Average Joe Fisherman said...

I hope Earl doesn't visit.

As a side note, my wife spent some time at Apalachian State. Beautiful country.

The Average Joe Fisherman

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

I sincerely hope so too. Hope I'm wrong, but I'm thinking Earl will landfall around Hatteras, or come very very close.

That whole area is beautiful! Combine scenery, wildlife, rich culture, and great fishing and you've got a fantastic town. Boone is one of my favorite NC towns.

Mark said...

Hatteras will probably take a beating no matter where the storm tracks, unfortunately.

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