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Monday, June 28, 2010
I'm back in Kannapolis after a week up in Hillsville, VA enjoying time with family and fish. It was in the 90's most of the time up there. Hitting 90 degrees is a rare occurrence around those parts. It's hard to believe that 17 "ish"  inches of snow fell back in December and stayed until March. As I was on the way home, the truck gradually crept up to 96° then 97° before leveling off at 98° at 6:30. I'm glad to say that relief is on the way! Asheville's high Thursday is expected to only reach 79°. Upper 50's for lows too. If you go up higher, say above 5,000 ft and above, upper 60's for highs and upper 40's to low 50's for lows are expected Thursday. If you're visiting Mt. Mitchell, it wouldn't hurt to bring a light jacket! Especially in the evening.

The weather is not the only thing that will greatly improve. We'll see much better fishing conditions over the next few days.When temperatures hit the 90's on trout streams and water temps rise into the lower 70's, trout start dying. Upper 60's and they're stressed big time. Water temps will slowly cool off over the next couple of days. The trout need a break for sure.

Terrestrials are working well right now. In my opinion the infamous Green Weenie is all you need in your arsenal of flies. The trout go wild over these bright green inch worm flies. Hoppers, ants, beetles, and inchworms are all working very well. It's a little early for cicadas, but I've heard a few lately. You might do well with a cicada pattern thrown close to the bank under the trees. Regardless of what you use, light tippet is a must. Most streams are running very clear. 6x is perfect. You might get away with 4x or 5x though in some places. Downgrade to 7x if needed. Stealth is the other major component to fishing right now. Drab, earth tone colors will help conceal yourself from spooky fish.


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