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Friday, March 5, 2010
After a cold and snowy winter here in North Carolina, I'm glad to say that warmer weather is here. This weekend is going to be absolutely beautiful. Asheville's 7 day forecast is glowing with 50's for the entire weekend. Tomorrow, temps will be in the lower 50's, decreasing as you gain elevation. Compared to 25 degrees and heavy snow, it's MUCH better. In fact, you probably won't see a cloud in the sky through the weekend. Monday will be even better, with low 60's. Of course, Boone and the northern NC mountains will be cooler, with mid to lower 40's tomorrow, climbing into the upper 40's on Sunday and lower 50's on Monday. Will the quill gordons start hatching this weekend? Well, I don't know if the water temperatures will be warm enough. Still, can't really rule out some loose, sporadic hatches, especially in the southern NC mountains (Asheville area) relatively soon. March is the month for quill gordons, blue quills, little black caddis and BWOS. Make sure you have a few flies to imitate these bugs at hand. You'll immediately notice a quill gordon. In the early Spring (sometimes late winter if it's warm) they'll be the only large mayfly hatching. They are also pretty clumsy and they're manner of flight is not really described as aesthetic. Right now, your best bet will be nymphs or streamers fished deep through runs and pools. A Prince Nymph or a Pheasant Tail Nymph should be the ticket on most streams. Copper Johns, Kaufmann's Stones, Copperback Stones, Woolly Buggers, Slumpbusters, etc should be fine. A fellow angler over on the forum reported that he caught 40 fish at Stone Mountain. He added that he caught a few on a Chernobyl Ant. You heard right, a Chernobyl Ant in the winter!! "The freshly stocked DH fish are about as dumb as they get," he said. If you show a Davidson River brown Chernobyl Ants in the winter, you're guaranteed to get skunked. It sometimes takes a lot of work to entice a Davidson River fish into eating a hopper pattern in the summer. Let alone the winter!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Enjoy the warmer weather if you can!! Forecasters say the cold will return unfortunately...


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