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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fishing Status: Good (Warmer water temps are helping to improve the fishing.)

1.) It has been a great day in terms of weather. Warm, but windy conditions have lasted the entire day (well, for the past week...). I stepped outside this morning and it was 47 degrees. This is unusual warmth for the middle of February. Average highs for the month are in the upper 50's. The past couple of days have been 17 or so degrees above average. With all of this warm weather, the trees and flowers are starting to bloom and everything is looking like a mid Spring day-for now. (Area cherry trees are going to have a RUDE awakening come Saturday.) Tomorrow will be the last of the warm spell, and then after that, the cold air is back. Upper to mid 60's in the Piedmont of NC and low to mid 60's in the lower valleys in the mountains. The warm temps will abruptly end on Saturday, and upper 40's are established into the region.

2.) Tomorrow will be a good day to grab the fly rod and take off to the river. It's still possible (but very unlikely) that a few stray Quill Gordons hatch out as the water temps up in the lower rivers in the mountains have consistently hovered in the low 50's day and night for a few days. Usually 5-6 days of warm water temps (low to mid 50's) are needed for the springtime hatches to hatch in February. It's happened before, but it's not looking to promising this go-around. Folks here in North Carolina did in fact see a few sever thunderstorms, and rivers in the mountains received a quick boost in water levels. As far as flies go, have a few PT nymphs, Hare's Ears, Princes, small black stonefly nymphs, etc. in your fly box. In about another week and a half to 2 weeks, Quill Gordon nymphs will take fish. Good flies to imitate the QG are PT nymphs, Hare's Ears, and any patterns that specifically imitate the QG, like the Quill Gordon Nymph in sizes of 14-16. If your a fly tyer, try tying up some Tellico Nymphs in a dark gray color. 6x is looking like the best bet for tippet sizes, but, you could possibly get away with 5x.... 4x?... (maybe, but only for nymphs.)


Fishing Tales said...

Congrats on a well done fishing blog. It looks great.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Appreciate it Fishing Tales. Glad you like THFF. If you have any particular suggestions feel free to share.

Thanks again,
Tyler, THFF

farioreo said...

Hi Tyler.I left you a message on chaguas blog from spain.I have an 18 year old that likes to fly fish.So you are name is Tyler? as in Tyler Hansbrough?the mizzou player that plays at N.C for Roy.I like your blog and your tar heel trout streams.take care,farioreo.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...


Thanks for the compliment...Hehehe Yeah..don't get confused with Hansbrough and I, 2 WHOLE different sports!!...UNC is having a good season, they beat Duke the other night...

farioreo said...

You are lucky.here in kansas City we dont have nay trout for at least 200 miles.and the best=Meramec,table rock,white river etc anywhere from 280 to 320 miles.Mywife is from northern spain so I fish there about 4,5 weeks in the summer for brownies,sea run brownies and atlantic salmon.Anyway,my biggest dissapointment was K.U beating their ex coach Roy last year.Boy,do we dislike those jayhawks!My son will be a mizzou tiger next year.Enjoy the weather.next week back to the 20s here.Good fishing!farioreo.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Uh Oh, you're kindof stuck in the middle. Think on the bright side, your closer to the famous rivers of Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming than we are here in NC.

Darrell Scruggs said...

I hope your weather model comes together and dumps about 6-8 inches through central North Carolina this weekend!!!!

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

I know it, 6-8 would be nice, but after looking at the latest computer models and listening to area meteorologists, it's looking like snow is looking quite possible, but, not as much as it showed yesterday. We are at that point where we just have to wait and see.

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