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Friday, February 27, 2009
1.) Welcome to North Carolina folks. Home to barbecue, Tar Heel basketball, Panthers football, and probably the most difficult winter weather forecasting location in the country. Check out the forecasts for the Charlotte region, well the NC Piedmont as a whole, and you will discover what lies 'round the corner. I was outside a few minutes ago and it's 59 degrees with the frogs croaking. Everything will change...Sunday afternoon through early Monday is evolving into the best shot at accumulating snow since the February '04 storm that dumped anywhere from 14-24 inches of snow on folks residing in the Piedmont. Latest forecasting models are suggesting anywhere from 4-8 inches from roughly I77 east Sunday through about lunch time Monday. Of course this is what happened in '04 when the "Nor'easter that took the wrong route" blew through the state causing heavy snow and conditions akin to a blizzard at times. As of right now, it's looking like a snowstorm is on it's way, but, just how much we'll receive is anyone's guess. If a few heavier pockets and bands of snow work their way through the area, we could end up with 10"+. There's still a chance that we don't get much, but as of this post it doesn't look like we'll be witnessing a miss. Oh yeah, if everything holds together, the NWS should issue Winter Storm watches/warnings by tomorrow morning. To sum everything up in fly fishing terms, "don't put that vise away just yet"...you may have to continue tying a little while longer...not much though (few days) Quill Gordon's are fast approaching!!

2.) More on the evolving storm, and a report should be posted by tomorrow.


chagua said...

Hi Tyler, how are you? Here sunshine everytime, but trout fishing is already banned here and waters are very cold. So fish aren't active. I tried to fish sometime yesterday in the river which crosses my town. I was nymphing but nothing wanted to srike but leaves and branches. Furthermore, from some years to now, some walleyes have been caught here and the huge populations of cyprinids (like carp)have disappeared.
Take care. Fernando.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Hey Fernando,

Yeah, fishing hasn't been at it's best over here in North Carolina either. Heavy rain, and then heavy snow and cold temperatures tomorrow are slowing the trout down...

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