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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Well, just by looking at a few of the computer models, and taken verbatim, we may be in line for a dumping of snow Saturday night into Sunday. For any of my fellow weather enthusiasts, the Canadian and European models are showing 6"+ for the Charlotte area ith higher amounts north and east. Now, this is a few days away, and A LOT of things will change. I can't stress this enough. The bottom line is, there is hope for us snow geese out there, and this storm is looking interesting. Nothing is set in stone just yet, and the meteorologists will have a better feel for the track and intensity of the storm by late Thursday. I'll post more info tomorrow....I hope. With all of this being said, everyone have a good evening.


chagua said...

Hi Tyler, How are you? I hope you to have a lot of snow with wich you can play and the rivers can get more water.
Here the sun is shining at last and temperatures are increasing a bit. I hope tomorrow to go to the country an maybe fish. Do you celebrate carnival there? Here a lot of people is going to wear costume tomorrow.
Have a good fishing.
Greetings. Fernando.

farioreo said...

Thats what I told Tyler.Snow is goood!Its like having money in the bank.All taht snow now will transalte into water later in the summer when the rivers most need it.I will do a little bass fishing here in missouri in may and the trpout fishing will have to wait till june whwn I will be in Spain,Asturias,cantabria,leon for 5 weeks.You guys are lucky to have trout fishing close to your homes.If I would have enjoyed fly fising back then,as mucho as quail hunting I would have relocated in another area where I could fish for trout.Now..in 5 years i will be 65 and retired!have agreat day,farioreo(Alberto).

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Hey Fernando, glad to hear things are tranquill over in Spain. We actually do celebrate a day called Halloween, which is where the kids dress up in costumes and knock on doors to get candy. I guess thats somewhat like Carnival...Anyways, tell me how you do if you go fishing...


Yes, snow is very beneficial as it slowly melts and doesn't saturate the soil. In other words, the soil is able to retain most of the water and snow pack. It will definately help in the long run when the ongoing drought in the mountains keeps the water levels down.

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