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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ever wonder what happens to an angler's brain after a prolonged absence of fishing? Look no further than a Twitter conversation between Brandon Robinson, James "Grizzly" Cates and I...

Me: Been fishing lately?
Griz: Not in a while, been hunting a little more... seems I've neglected the fishing duties, been about a month
Me: I feel ya man. Haven't been out since early November. Refresh my memory... what does a trout look like again?
Griz: It has two legs, right?
Me: Pretty sure they're related to giraffes, but I'm not 100% sure.
Griz: Yes, they both have spots and run real fast.
Brandon: And here I was thinking they were marsupials...
Griz: that's when they put their young in their tail and hang from rocks, right?
Me: I'm posting this convo on the blog..


Bill Trussell said...

I haven't got that bad yet----to keep me from having withdrawal symptoms I usually watch some trout U-tube--that seems to be good medication. Funny Stuff!!

Tyler Legg said...

YouTube is definitely a remedy. RA Beattie's films always cure me as well. Temporarily though!

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