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Saturday, December 4, 2010
It's been snowing in WNC for the bulk of the day. I noticed that areas around Greensboro received 2.4" of snow from the clipper system passing through. Not a big deal, but it will make the fishing interesting though. There's a larger story on the horizon: someone is about to leave the freezer door open for a good while. If you think the temperatures right now are cold, just wait until next week. The 7 day will make you shiver. Asheville's highs probably won't make it past the freezing mark until Wednesday. Lows will be in the teens for several nights. 14° Tuesday night. Nearby Mt. Mitchell (highest peak east of the Rockies) might make it above freezing on Friday. 18° is the high tomorrow. 6° is the low Monday night. You'll lose a leg if you wet wade. If you're from Montana and you're reading this, I know you're probably laughing by now! We don't see the magnitude of cold the intermountain west experiences, but it does get downright cold here in the Tar Heel State.

I would get used to the cold and snowy weather. Especially if you're in the mountains. December will be, well, cold and snowy. Being the weather geek I am, I think we still run the risk of seeing a decent snowstorm or icestorm outside of the mountains before December is over. Mid December (11-13 or so) looks interesting. A good snowstorm is what we need. They really help in terms of replenishing the water table and getting the rivers back up to normal for a prolonged period of time.

Dave Hise said he has been guiding all day. This is what they've been fishing in. They caught some nice fish though!

 If you plan on fishing this week, you'll definitely have to change your tactics. Fish slowly and do your best to get the fly as close to the fish as possible. With the water temps being cold (they'll continue to drop throughout the week) you'll have to get the fly on the bottom as well. Nymphs will outfish dries almost entirely. Of course you may entice a fish to eat a small Para BWO, but you'll have far more hookups with a nymph. I would try a heavily weighted stonefly nymph. Behind the stone, add a small dropper (a #16-20 Pheasant Tail Nymph should do the trick). Small streamers should also work. Retrieve them slowly to allow the lethargic fish to catch it. To read an in depth article about fishing in the cold, click here.


Owl Jones said...

We don't get as much of the white stuff a you guys do, but personally I'll take fishing in the snow over fishing in the rain any day of the week. Temps in the 20's though? Brrr...I think when that happens it's time for me to tie up some flies instead of stand in the creek breaking ice out of the guides! ;)
Nice post!


Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

We've had an unusual couple of winters. Last winter was crazy. I've never seen so much snow in NC. It almost got routine and unpleasant in the mountains. Snowed almost every week it seemed.

Cold is all we've been receiving. Next week is going to be ridiculous according to the weather guy. Even for you guys down in the Peach State.

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