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Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Lately I've been seeing some kind of a liquid substance falling from the sky in varying intensity. Rain! It's been awhile (we were closing in on a month) since we've seen anything liquid falling from the sky. There was a catch in order to receive the needed rain. Around noon Monday, we were under a tornado warning. I don't know why we (Kannapolis) are a tornado warning magnet, but we are. Another tornadic super cell t'storm developed and roared across Lincoln and northern Mecklenburg County. A tornado did touchdown around the town of Denver, but the storm dissipated enough to halt any more touchdowns. Rain has been plentiful lately. As fly fisherman, we know rain is good thing. Too much isn't, but enough H2O to keep the rivers flowing is welcome. Speaking of rivers that have not been "up", the Davidson is looking a lot better right now. At 58 cfs cfs (close to 100 cfs Friday) the trout are receiving a much needed break. I'm afraid it's short term though. Looking at the USGS stream flow maps, rivers quickly crested and are now rapidly receding. It's going to take some time to replenish the water table, but it will come. Good news is that more rain is expected over the weekend. Could be another severe weather event though.

Fishing here in western North Carolina is looking better. Rivers are not as low as they were and the fish aren't as stressed. The usual summertime menu is in play. Expect good terrestrial fishing during the day (hoppers, beetles, ants, inchworms) with a plethora of bugs hatching in the evening. Light Cahills, Yellow Sallies, various species of Caddis, Little Green Stones, and Isonychias are all hatching when the sun starts to set. Other than the trophy section of the Davidson, a #14 Copper John or a Green Weenie (Chartreuse seems to be the most productive color given all of the inchworms inching around) should catch fish all day. When it starts to warm up, tie on a terrestrial. During and after a t'storm, terrestrials are going to be knocked into the water. If it starts to rain, don't leave! Of course if there's lightning, run back to the car or head inside and wait it out. Heavy rain will flush hoppers, beetles, ants, inchworms, and earthworms into the water. The trout will usually go mad. Carry a wading jacket/rain coat with you if you head out over the weekend. Rain chances look pretty healthy.


Brk Trt said...

Water levels here are at critical levels. Recieved some rain yesterday, it may help.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

You guys need it the most up there. I saw the pictures you took of that stream. Scary stuff. Those fish are struggling to find dissolved oxygen. Judging by the 7 day, it's more hit and miss storms which is not good. Hope you guys can pick up some measurable rain soon!

Bill Trussell said...

Great information Tyler---especially terrestrials, I used some hoppers lately at the lake and had success with the bass. Glad you all are getting some relief from the heat wave.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Nothing like fish slurping hoppers! Seems like they catch anything. Bass to bluegill to trout.

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