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Saturday, February 6, 2010
Western North Carolina was freshly dumped upon again with snow/ice yesterday. We didn't receive any accumulating snow here in the Charlotte area, but once you start going north and west of the Queen City the ground gradually turns white. Of course the 6 inches in some areas up in the high country is absolutely NOTHING compared to the snow occuring north of us. Baltimore, MD reported 26.5 inches of snow at 11:45 this morning at the airport. They're expecting another 3-6 inches before the storm wraps up later this evening. Up to 32 inches of snow is expected in some areas. Talk about "dude, where's my car"...

Temperatures will be up and down throughout the week in WNC. Unfortunately, so will rain/snow/ice. You'll probably run into more snow Tuesday through Wednesday, but it doesn't look like it will be a big deal. Tomorrow and Monday will be nice if you don't mind some fresh, cold air. Take it easy and get an update on roadway conditions in the mountains if you plan on venturing out to a trout stream. Temps won't be bad, in the lower 30's around Boone and in the upper 30's around Asheville/Brevard with light winds. Water levels will be high and slightly off color in some places, so you should get away with switching to slightly heavier tippet. Be careful when you're wading right now, streams and rivers could be swift following all of the snow and rain. The fish are going to be slow, so as always in the winter, make sure you get your fly in front of their nose, or they're probably going to ignore it. Check the updated "recommended flies" for the month of February to your left to get an idea of what's working.

The new forum is starting to take off. We're eventually going to start an online fly tying contest on the board. It's a great place for new tyers to gain tips and pointers on fly tying. Check out the forum here if you haven't already. We would love to see you over there.


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