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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
I was able to find some time to get away from the big city lights of Kannapolis, NC for a few hours yesterday. It was on extremely short notice. I knew for sure I was heading to the Davidson River late Sunday evening. Usually I plan at least a week or so ahead of an upcoming trip, but this time it didn't fare that way. I was at the Bobby N. Setzer Hatchery by 11:45. For those who are thinking "What? Hatchery? C'mon, that's too easy", it's a fish hatchery that is adjacent to the Davidson River and boasts some of the best fishing on the D. It also boasts the perfect place to get skunked. "Skunked" in fly fishing terms basically means you didn't catch anything and the fish were playing "hard to catch". I had plenty of textbook rises, followed by textbook refusals. At one point, a midge hatch broke out, which in turn, the fish started looking up (they were surprisingly active for a mid January day...the water was frigid). I tied on a #26 Griffith's Gnat, which usually brings a few fish to the surface. I made a few casts under the overhanging rhodo on the opposite side of the river. Nothing. I also tried a #20 Para BWO, but they obviously wanted a forest green colored BWO not a dark green BWO; they're picky. I then switched to nymphs/midges without success. I noticed other anglers upstream weren't catching much either. The only exception was a guy, 20 ft to my left, who managed to foul hook several fish (but, that doesn't count...). I was prepared for a skunking on the Big D yesterday. The positive aspect of fishing the Davidson is the things you learn with each outing. You can go to the nearest DH stream and usually catch a dozen out of one pool, move on to the next pool and catch a dozen more. It's different on the D. You have to work for these fish. I like the challenge of it.


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