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Wednesday, July 15, 2009
I'm watching a nasty line of severe storms that have made their way over the mighty Mississippi, now located just west of Nashville. They are moving east as a cold front is doing the same. Here in Etowah, TN we have a 50% chance of t'storms and a 60% chance tomorrow. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is probably going to be cranking the generators as heavy rain falls tonight and tomorrow. The Hiwassee will probably have to wait a few days. I don't have a drift boat just yet, and with 2 generators running, wading is very questionable. I took my chances last Thursday evening with 2 generators running. Color me crazy, but I was able to wade out a considerable distance. Of course a wading belt tightened to the point were I couldn't feel my legs, along with felt soles were used. I didn't have any problems wading and fighting the current... (as long as I could see where my foot was soon to land). I felt like I was back on the Madison River in Montana. As far as I could see, the Hiwassee was just a continuous riffle. The fish were really hugging the bank with all the swift water and lack of diversity (ie pools, tailouts, runs)...just deep, fast, riffles. Still, the water was very cold (50's), so the trout weren't complaining by any means.


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