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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
1.) Currently I'm up in the clouds as I type. No, not in an airplane, but up on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Fancy Gap, VA waiting for the fog (or low clouds) to recede and eventually erode. It's been on the cool side from the time we arrived until now, but not exactly cold. With all of the rain and chilly water temps, the fish have been put down, so for the most part fishing has eluded me, so I am confined to the tying bench until tomorrow. With Troutfest 2009 coming up, I'm trying to decide on which pattern would be the best to demonstrate. I just completed a few brand new patterns that I'll try out tomorrow....

Legg's Golden Stonefly (Basically a Stimulator tweaked to match a golden stonefly.)

Hook: Any curved shank hook for Stimulators and stoneflies.

Thread: Tan 6/0

Tail: Elk hair

Body: Any golden colored dubbing

Rib: Black thread (Copper wire can be substituted)

Wing: Elk hair

Legs: Chartreuse barred rubber legs

Thorax: Golden colored dubbing

Hackle: Grizzly


fishermansfly said...

Vurrrrryyy Noice Ties my man! Fish catchers for sure! Next few you rip out should have an underwing of antron/zelon and krystal flash! I hate krystal flash though so I would substitute with midge flash! Primo stuff, midge flash is!


Tyler Legg said...

Yeah man, I'm getting ready to whip up a few more of these suckers...I experimented w/ some antron and Krystal Flash, I think I'm stickin' with antron/zelon for the underwing...Krystal Flash fibers are way too bulky for dries smaller than #12...I'll definately grab some of that midge flash next time I'm in Little River Outfitters.

Tight lines,

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