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Thursday, July 7, 2011

 What your profile will look like.

Facebook is about to be shoved into the dirt. What could possibly put Facebook out of business? Well, Google is at it again. Their most recent project, Google Plus, is only available to those with invites, so it's not open to the public just yet. Rumors have been spreading regarding an end-of-the-month "opening of the admission gates" at Google Plus. Once that happens, you can sign in just like you would with Facebook, without an invite. Like said, it's limited to those who have invites. Yesterday evening Jason Puris over at The Fin hooked me up with an invite and I was able to join Plus. As a longtime Facebook user, I was able to detect the differences between Google Plus and the largest social networking site in the world, Facebook. So far, the angling community is extremely small. I've only found 7 anglers. With some time, 7 will grow to 700 anglers pretty soon.

Everything about Google Plus is incredible. The ability to share posts with certain "circles" or groups of people is ingenious. For instance, if you want to share a fishing related post and don't want to share it with everyone, just create a circle entitled "Fisherpeople" or "Fishing Buddies" add all of the anglers who you're following and check it off when you're posting. If you have a family reunion, click "Family" and your post will only be visible to everyone in your "Family Circle." It sounds overwhelming, but once you've delved into it, you'll start to get the hang of it.

Kyle Perkins, who is a writer, blogger, and angler, told me we're all going to put together a "Fly Tying Hangout" on Plus in the future. Basically you have a webcam, a microphone, and your vise and have a "fly tying hangout." Sounds pretty cool.

All in all, I'm stoked about using it. Hopefully more and more anglers join. With that being said, if you would like to try it out, leave a comment below with your Gmail address. Only Gmail is allowed, as it's all Google oriented. Once the gates are opened back up for more users to join I'll invite those that want in. Google is allowing groups of folks to join before closing the gates again. It's a small window of time (only 4-5 hours last night) for new members to join.


Funcfish said...

Had a great time hanging out on G+ last night! Hope you get that camera thing worked out.

loughcorrib said...

Have applied today for +.Auto responder message says will be in contact.Hopefully I will get in as it would be great tgo get in early and put us anglers on the map.
P.S.Thanks for follow on T

Fly fishing said...

No doubt that facebook is the best networking sites but Google Plus is also incredible.It has many new features like to make a group of yours own and many more..

Fly fishing trips to Tasmania said...

Very nice! I know a few people that really enjoy fishing..And that's is true Facebook is good for networking here is those group are too good!

Jagatguru Kripalu ji Maharaj said...

Brewing always excites me and here's another example for the same! I loved the stuff out here!

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