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Saturday, November 6, 2010
Albeit it was cold, we still pressed on and opted to hit 2 rivers today. They didn't hit us back. The fishing was great despite cold temperatures and sporadic snow showers throughout the day. I met Jule McDowell and his son Colin at the Davidson River around noon. They both fished the North Mills that morning and mentioned that there are plenty of fish to be caught. Jule said they caught 20. He also added that the fish were feeding on BWOs in the middle of a snow shower, which tells you the stockers are starting to figure out how to be real trout. Speaking of real trout, the Davidson, which has to contain some of the smartest fish in the east, was fishing well. It was an unusual day though, as the fish on the Davidson were actively pursuing streamers, while the stockers on the North Mills seemed to prefer midges and tiny BWO nymphs. Usually it's the other way around. About 15 minutes into fishing the D, I hooked into a decent sized brookie. He chased down a small olive Zonker and inhaled it 5 feet from me. In the end, he threw the fly right when the net touched him. Colin and I agreed that it was a landed fish. We all received more strikes and misses than hook ups, but the D treated us relatively well. If you get a strike, it's a good day on the Davidson. If you've ever fished the D, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Around 3, we all decided that the North Mills would be a great place to finish the day. We were right. The afternoon was a little slow though. Colin and I didn't hook into fish immediately. It took a while to pinpoint the exact pool that the fish were congregating in. They haven't learned that it's okay to spread out on the river. After about 25 minutes we discovered the pool. Colin took off upstream in an attempt to catch a monster brookie he saw this morning and I took the pool with the congregating fish. My first fly was an egg pattern. I know, non-purist, but the stockers eat them like candy. Eggs are working well right now, as the browns and brookies are spawning. Fish will sit just downstream of the spawning fish and gorge on small eggs that get dislodged from the redd. To my surprise, the fish were not going to have anything to do with an egg pattern. After scratching my head, I tied on number two, a Hise's Hetero-genius Nymph. The fish approved of the HHGN. A trout may have a brain the size of a pea, but they can sure decide what fly they want and what fly they'll allow to pass them by. Overall a good day with some great folks.

I'm doing a little fly tying to round off a fantastic day. Preparing to head up to the WNC Fly Fishing Expo in the morning. Folks who attended today said that it was a great show. Looking forward to tomorrow. I will be tying from 12:30 until 4, so if you see a guy in an orange Simms hat speaking gibberish, say hello! Hope everyone who attends has a good time. See y'all tomorrow!


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