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Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Storms and showers are starting to pop in the western Carolinas and northeast Georgia. Doesn't look overly impressive on the radar right now though. They're growing and spreading out with time. Areas that don't receive rain today will more than likely see liquid falling from the sky this weekend as a strong cold front passes. Probably won't be enough to send dangerously low rivers back to normal. Large, slow moving storms is what we need. Still looking at the possibility of a moisture laden tropical system rolling through the Carolinas sometime early next month (give or take). May happen, may not. Still a long ways off, but at least there's a little hope for some serious precipitation. We need it as most of you know. It's going to take some serious precipitation to put a dent in the deficit. The water table needs to be replenished for long term affects. So, keep your fingers crossed that we'll see some much needed rain.

One of many computer models. This particular one, the GFS, suggests a large tropical system dumping inches of rain on us.
 On another note, Delayed Harvest is just days away. 8 days to be exact. In fact, some DH streams are already stocked. According to one of the forum members, the Watauga in Boone is now full of fish. Other streams may be stocked slightly earlier than October 1st. Not all, but a select few. Some may be stocked a few days after the 1st. I would still concentrate on the wild streams/catch and release waters until after October 1st. So start planning on your first DH excursion! Can't decide which one will start your season? Here's a top 5 list to get you started.

Grandad and I are heading out to the bluelines Saturday, so, the next post will hopefully be filled with fiery red brookies. I'm after an Appalachian Slam (wild brook, brown, and rainbow) all on the same river. So, we'll start at the headwaters of this particular watershed and work our way down to the middle section where the browns and rainbows reside. We'll see what comes of it!


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