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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The trout streams are back up, and are a lot better than yesterday's readings. Fly fishing will be prime over the next few days, so get out on the river and enjoy.

Here are the USGS water levels in NC.....

  • Davidson River @ Brevard... 113 cfs
  • Tuckasegee River @ Cullowhee...280 cfs
  • Watauga River @ Sugar Grove...115 cfs
  • Cataloochee Creek @ Cataloochee... 70 cfs
  • Nantahala River @ Rainbow Springs... 177 cfs
  • Oconaluftee River @ Birdtown... 488 cfs
  • Linville River @ Nebo...76 cfs
  • South Toe River @Celo...140 cfs

Saturday, November 29, 2008

1.) Home sweet home...back from Fancy Gap/ Frank Beamer country. I got back about 4:00 after deciding to stay an extra day. Had no choice but to leave the Blue Ridge today...freezing rain looks probable up in the mountain counties late Sunday night into Monday. As we drove down I 77, I noticed the DOT put salt out around the NC/VA borderline. Ice looks to be around a trace, but then again it doesn't take much to lose control of a vehicle. Wintry precip doesn't look impressive here at home in the Charlotte area, but, a few very wet snow flakes may mix in with the rain, but mostly up towards the I 40 corridor.

2.) Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and got a little fishing in over the past few days. The rain has moved in and the bulk of the heavy stuff is off to our south. NC will get the heavy rain tonight into tomorrow. 100% chance tonight and tomorrow, bring it on...we need rain. In fact I wish most of the rain would fall across the mountains...they are in DIRE need of rain.

Here are a few stream flows valid at 10:oo PM.

  • Davidson River @ Brevard...38 cfs

  • Tuckasegee River @ Cullowhee...313 cfs

  • Watauga River @ Sugar Grove...58 cfs

  • Cataloochee Creek @ Cataloochee... 26

  • Nantahala River @ Rainbow Springs... 82 cfs

  • Oconaluftee River @ Birdtown... 130 cfs

  • Linville River @ Nebo... 60 cfs

  • South Toe River @Celo... 67 cfs

Now, lets see what the flows reach by tomorrow... I'll post tomorow evening.

3.) This weekend looks very interesting. I just now was able to review the new model data, and the GFS, European, and Canadian models are suggesting a BIG snowstorm to roll on through the western Carolinas. Let me stress, way up in the air, and purely hype as of this post, but hey, good conversation starters around the water cooler/trout stream this week. NC is one of the if not the hardest place to predict snow with the mountains to the west, the ocean to the east, and the Gulf of Mexico a good ways off to the south. The Gulf is where most of our good snowstorms originate, and if there are strong thunderstorms associated with the cold front down along the Gulf states, the moisture transport is cut off, thus, less moisture and less snow. There are countless ingredients that all have to fall in line perfectly for snow to fall in the Piedmont. Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, the Plains states don't necessarily suffer from the same lack of snow as we do, because the geographic layout isn't as diverse. With that being said, let me ask you one question...what other state has a mountain region, a Piedmont, a coastal plain, and the ocean?

4.) More tomorrow after the Carolina-Greenbay game.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1.) Turkey day is tomorrow, and it sure does feel like Thanksgiving...EVERYBODY is out and about trying to grab those last minute turkeys. Tomorrow will be great in terms of weather. Sunny skies, no rain, warmer (more seasonal) temps are expected, and all of this adds up to a great afternoon of fly fishing after eating a bird. I'm ready for tommorow, as I'm heading up to the Blue Ridge Parkway around Fancy Gap, Virginia. My grandparents live up that way, so I'm ready to get up into the mountains. To tell you the truth, I haven't even seen the NC/VA mountains since August, and it's driving me insane. Still controverting weither or not to bring a few flies and a fly rod, but then again, ice fishing may be the better option.

2.) Fishing will improve a little, but not by much, even though the air temperature will be warmer, the water is still cold, and the trout will be sluggish. Some of the post-spawn browns may strike willingly to a well presented PT nymph, Lightning Bug, or BWO nymph, so don't give up if it's a bit slow at first. The water is clear so use the lightest tippets possible, I would go with 6x as a general size, but 5x may work too. Drop a small BWO nymph behind a #8 black stonefly nymph in a riffle, run, and especially seams. If you really want to catch nice trout, head over to a tailwater river like the Watauga, Holston, Cumberland, Clinch, and Hiwassee. The trout over there are a lot more active than the fish high up in the mountains.

3.) Everyone have a good Thanksgiving, and I may post tomorrow, but if not by Friday.
Monday, November 24, 2008
This are 5 great tips on preparing for Winter fly fishing by Kevin Howell--owner of Davidson River Outfitters, Pisgah Forest, NC.

5 Tips For Staying Warm on the River
by Kevin Howell of Davidson River Outfitters

Well, winter has finally arrived in the mountains; the fishing however is still decent. But you can get into real trouble, if you are not dressed properly. Here are some things that I do for winter fishing that will help you stay warm and safe.

1.) Dress in layers. this way you can take layers off as the day gets warmer and you will still be warm in the am.

2.) Wear fleece or wool. that way if you get wet they will retain your warmth.

3.) Always carry matches or a device to start a fire. I typically carry a railroad flare, even when wet it can start a fire. If you fall in the winter you have roughly half as long as the water temperature before hypothermia sets in. So if you or your fishing partner falls in, get out on the bank, start a fire to stay warm, and dry your clothes.

4.) Keep you head and hands warm. Most of the body’s heat is lost through the head, so wear a toboggan, watch cap, or Elmer Fudd Hat (bombers hat). Use fleece or wool gloves with only the fingers that you need to use cut out. Most people leave the stream because their hands are cold, a little preventative measure will enable you to fish that much longer!

5.) Keep your feet warm. wear heavy wool or fleece socks under neoprene boots, but be sure that they wick moisture away from your feet. If not, the moisture will make your feet cold. Also be sure to wear loose fitting boots, boots that are too tight will cut off the circulation to your feet resulting in cold feet.

1.) Panthers didn't pull it off yesterday....what can you do. I'm still a big fan, but it's games like this that don't exactly make you proud of being a Carolina fan. Sigh, maybe next Sunday when we play Green Bay. Oh yeah UNC Tar Heels lost BIG TIME to NC State Saturday. Score was41-10. Another sigh. They're currently sitting at 7-4. UNC's taking the 10 minute trip over to Durham from Chapel Hill to play Duke.

2.) It has been a dreary cool/cold day here in the Piedmont. A cold front is creeping into the area as I type and with it a pretty healthy amount of rain.... If we only had cold!! Speaking of cold and rain, the first half of December looks very interesting...I'm not going to go much farther...but, precip and cold air in December...a few bouts at some Wintry Precip here in the Carolinas possible. We'll see, as the GFS is almost always forecasting some unbelievably weird things 15 days out. Until the NAM and EURO agrees the GFS, it's all HYPE right now.

3.) Not much to report fishing wise, rivers will rise a little, nothing major, and maybe a few BWO's will hatch out, but given the cold temps, stick with those nymphs. BH nymphs won't hurt either, as you need to get the fly down to the trout's preferred feeding lane. Thanksgiving looks nice, temps will be on the chilly side, but sunny skies will allow for a decent day on the water. Just remember to layer up, and don't fall in.

4.) Everyone have a good day, and more tomorrow.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

1.) Man, was it cold last night, especially in the pre dawn hours. We did in fact break the old record set Wednesday of 18. Salisbury made it down to 16 degrees, and a few rural areas saw temps lower than that. Some parts of the area made it down to 13 last night!! This is all in Fahrenheit. Charlotte Douglas International read 16 last night, so more 16's than 15's, but it doesn't matter, it was still FRIGID. Boone dipped down to 18, and Grandfather Mountain saw Not as bad tonight as temps will drop to 21. Something's up, if we're seeing mid teens in November. This year will be exciting, as the cold air and precip looks plentiful.

2.) Fishing is not exactly at it's best, especially in the morning. Fish more so around noon, and you may do a little better. Also, the tailwaters are fishing very well right now. Take a trip out to the Watauga River, or even the Clinch, Hiwassee or Holston for better luck. Stick with nymphs (PT's, Lightning bugs, Copper Johns, Hare's Ears e.t.c), until you see any bugs coming off the water. The most active bugs will be the midges, although, if we warm up just a little, and overcast skies dominate the weather, BWO's may work, but don't count on it. As we press into Winter, fly fisherman hang up their gear and trade their fly rods for their fly tying vises. Fishing can still be as good as a mid fall day, if you time it right.

3.) Everyone have a good evening, and more tomorrow. (Panthers play tomorrow against the Atlanta Falcons,so more on that tomorrow as well.)
Friday, November 21, 2008
1.) Well, well, well, snow did in fact fall overnight...not much, but like mentioned yesterday, the Iredell, Rowan, Triad, and Triangle folks did get their first ACCUMULATING snowfall. Yup, you read right. Triad and Triangle received upwards of an inch to an inch and a half of the white stuff. As for Charlotte and the immediate areas, just a few flurries and a couple isolated heavier snow flurries/very light snow fell. I noticed the roads were wet, but no accumulating snow for Kannapolis, but fun to see if you were up early this morning.
2.) Tonight will be a dangerously cold one. Temps will plummet into the upper teens. 16-18 look to play out. We could possibly break the record lows of Wednesday morning. This is truly an amazing shot of literally polar air, diving south from the north pole. Make sure you bring the pets inside, and check those water taps outside.
3.) Monday night into early Tuesday morning we may be tracking another chance for a little more snow. This isn't too far off...3 days away, so a little tweaking to the forecast, but overall, we may see some more snow. I'll keep you up to date. Late November looks interesting, and then again the first week of December. GFS is sensing a storm will hit the area, and then 2 hours later, the storm will be be too far to the south, and then the latest run shows the low around Tallahassee, Fl. I really think that all the GFS is doing is confusing itself as well as me! Again too far on the horizon, and as new data comes in, things will start getting clearer.

4.)Fishing will be very tough, with the wind and FRIGID temperatures, but trout have to eat sometime. Try small BWO nymphs and PT's. You may come across a few midge hatches. BE extremely cautious when you are around the water. One fall in any of the streams will result in hypothermia in a split second. If you do fall in, take your waders off as quickly as possible, and change clothes quickly. If that water gets inside your waders, and fills completely up, your not going anywhere. Please wear a wading belt. It's happened to me plenty of times, you know forgetting the wading belt, and falling in...those trout were laughing up a storm at me. When it's cold outside, I layer up with Under Armour, andGlacier Gloves, and wear sweat pants under my Simms breathables.

5.) Have a good onefolks, and stay warm, more tomorrow...
Thursday, November 20, 2008
1.) It's now our turn to see our first flakes here in the Charlotte area. When you might ask? Well, tonight maybe, to tell you the truth. Nothing significant, but there will probably be some flurries, with possibly a few short heavier bursts of snow. If we do get the burst of heavy snow, a few communities may wake up to a light dusting. Mr. Crum, Chief Meteorologist over at News 14 Carolina says the same thing, adding that areas like North Cabarrus, Iredell, north Stanly, and Rowan will be especially conducive for a little taste of snow. It will be perfect Again not a lot, and no need to sprint to the grocery store for the bread and milk. The bread and Milk run will have to wait for a few weeks. If you see snow, feel free to report it in the comment box below.
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1.) This morning the Charlotte area got down to 18, breaking the old record of 20 back in 1951. I stepped outside this morning, and for some reason the cold didn't really hit me hard at all. I guess after these consecutive 25 degree readings, 18 doesn't make much of a difference. It has not been a warm day today by any means. Standing in the sun doesn't change a thing. The cold will retreat briefly for tomorrow as the mid 50's look about right. Then another cold front charges through the eastern U.S., and this time it looks as if we could be a degree or two colder than this time. The rest of November, and early December look very cold, or at least below average in terms of temps.

2.) Before I say anything else, I must say, this blog will show what MAY happen in the coming days/weeks/months. Let me stress, this MAY happen sometime between December 2nd and 4th. The GFS is suggesting a major storm to form somewhere in the inter mountain west, and mave east with time. As the low reaches the east, it picks up a lot of steam, and it then plows through the Charlotte area. It may be cold enough for snow, and it could be a decent snow event. Again way too far off, and like we have seen with the storm that was possibly going to bring snow to NC, much will change. I'll keep updating, and crossing my fingers for a big one.
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pic courtesy of the Blue Ridge Blog . Excellent picture of light dusting of snow in the WNC mountains...

1.) I want to start off by mentioning the snow flurries and light snow showers the folks over in the Triangle have received. Of course the snow wasn't heavy enough to support accumulations, but it really is cool to see, especially this early in the season. Average first snowfall for non mountain/lower elevation areas in the Piedmont is usually December 31st on out...not the case this year. Again nothing big, but a few flakes may fly around in the Triad and Triangle areas. I have seen reports of a few flakes close to the Fayettville area. Snow flurries have not made it into the Charlotte vicinity, but, not completely out of the question to see a few of what I like to call "flattered flow snurries". If you see any snow, please feel free to report it in the comment box. The main weather theme today is the COLD air that has dropped out of Canada. As of 4:00 Charlotte's temperature is at 39 degrees! Most spots struggled to make it to the 45 degree mark today. Tonight...you think today was cold...21 is the low for tonight. A few areas may make it down to 19 early tomorrow morning. We did not make it down to the lower 20's last night, because the winds were to strong to allow for any major radiational cooling, thus, frost wasn't an issue this morning. Tomorrow morning will be a whole different ball game, as the winds die down. Get used to the cold weather, looks like Old Man Winter has taken his shoes off and is staying awhile. Thanksgiving looks cold, and virtually, the rest of the month into early December looks below average temperature wise.

2.) Well, the GFS has really loosened up on the whole snowstorm thing this weekend...yeah...most likely not going to happen. It's the GFS' fault...it always plays with our minds. Maybe it's still in hibernation, waiting to release it's energy? Maybe it's just wrong, and we get dumped on? Who knows, I'll watch it. Early December may be the one, again GFS may just be playing tricks. We'll see.

3.) If you decide to go wet a line in the mountains, put on those breathable waders, and layer up, that water's literally freezing! Also make sure you wear that wading belt at all times in the water. If you fall in, and the water goes over your waders, it will take only 45 seconds for the first signs of hypothermia take place. Take an extra pair of clothes with you. The good thing about fly fishing in the Winter months (well, fishing in cold weather), is that the stream is usually deserted. There won't be any tubers, or swimmers, and a few die-hard local fisherman may be around, but in general, not many.

4.) Have a great day, and more tomorrow.
Friday, November 14, 2008
1.) There are some nasty looking storms down in SC as I type. The cell farthest west prompted a tornado warning a few hours ago just south of Atlanta. Weather folks don't think tornadoes are a danger here in Charlotte, but one has to wonder, these storms are agitated, and they have the southern Piedmont in their sights. Make sure you turn on that NOAA weather radio tonight, and make sure the batteries have enough juice in them...I have to find batteries for mine, I mean I've got tons of radios, but a majority of them are deprived of a power source.

2.) Congrats to the Endeavor crew as they lifted off at 7:55 eastern time. Everything looked good except for the white room door that wouldn't close ( I tell ya doors never seem to close the way you want them to nowadays)....still, the crew made it up into space and are now en route to a rendezvous with the ISS. I noticed that Mission Control wished the Crew a happy Thanksgiving above Earth. I sincerely hope the crew can catch the turkey in space without gravity.

3.) Have a good one folks, and keep those weather radios bedside, I doubt we'll scream AUNTIE EM, AUNTIE EM, but I guess twisters can happen when and where they want.

Sporting Fly and Bob Jacklin - Funny bloopers R us

Kev W Fork Rel Hero Shot - Watch a funny movie here
1.) Here comes the rain today, sometimes heavy. There has been several heavy pockets of heavy rain across the Charlotte area as the day unfolded. Thunderstorms look to be possible later this evening through the early part of Saturday morning...say through 6-8. The rain has really helped in terms of the drought, and streams will be up a little once again (also dropping once again very quickly).

Here are a few selected USGS water flows for streams/rivers in NC.
  • Davidson River (the D) @ Brevard NC...39 cfs
  • French Broad River @ Rosman NC...84 cfs
  • Tuckasegee River (the Tuck) @ Cullowhee NC...88 cfs
  • Watauga River (the 'tauga) @ Sugar Grove NC...76 cfs
  • Nantahala River @ Rainbow Springs NC...58 cfs
  • South Fork of the New @ Jefferson NC...384 cfs ( average 344)
  • Jacob Fork @ Ramsey NC...13 cfs (average 34)

To sum it all up, the water may be muddy in a few streams, but the water is higher, and the temps are optimum for the trout.

2.) After the rain clears use PT nymphs, Lightning Bugs, Copper Johns, and small BWO nymph (using BH's may be your best option, so that fly will stay on the bottom of the stream, where the trout are feeding at.) You may get away with a small adjustment in tippet sizes, but let me stress, I would not advise anything heavier than 4X, unless the water is low in clarity because of the mud. Stop by the nearest fly shop and ask about the rivers recommended in the area, and if they're worth putting those waders on.

Thursday, November 13, 2008
1.) The rain today hasn't been overly impressive, if impressive at all, but hey, we'll take what we can get. I haven't really seen a lot of real heavy stuff, basically just a mist, and not very consistent, as rain has moved in and tapered off and moved in and...well, I think most of it's over with. Tonight won't be cold, but just wait a few days.... Cold fronts tend to mess with people's minds, because of the warm air ahead of the front, that makes it seem more like a Spring day rather than a late Fall day, and then when everyone least expects it the cold front moves through, along with frigid temps. Here in Charlotte and surrounding communities, next week lows will dip down into the lower 20's and maybe, morning lows will be in the upper teens. Highs will struggle to make the mid 40's, and Accuweather has already put out a forecast on the 24th that says "snow much of the time". I'm guessing this means a majority of the day, or a part of the morning. This is still a week away, so much change will happen, but I do think we will tap into some very cold temps, probably the coldest we've seen since last Winter.

2.) As for the snowstorm, it's still out there, and may still happen, albeit the GFS is now backing off a little bit on the whole concept for a big hit here in Charlotte. The GFS always undergoes a kind of "hibernation" and will most likely through the towel in about the whole thing. This is again way to early to start talking about specifics.

3.) Have Good one, it's almost Friday!!
Monday, November 10, 2008

above is the 00 UTC run of the GFS (850 MB) which clearly shows that huge shot of cold Canadian air. Notice the high pressure parked right over the Middlesboro, Kentucky area. Click the image for a better view...I know it's blurry.

1.) First off I want to congratulate the Panthers on their win over the Oakland Raiders in Oakland, California yesterday evening.

2.) Back here in the east, the weather has been chilly. This morning the official low at Charlotte Douglas International Airport was 28. CDIA usually turns out to be on the warmer side of the temperatures...if downtown Charlotte gets down to 32, CDIA usually reads 33 or 34. In other words, up here in Concord, we could have been 26-27. All I know is that it doesn't matter if it was 25 or 35 this morning...it was still COLD. I noticed that the frost this morning looked more like snow, as it was white and just looked a lot different than the frost we saw a few weeks ago. Anywho...it will be cool the next few days, and then a minor "warm up" will occur with low to mid 60's through Saturday. After that, cold air pours out from Canada, and we will see a very chilly air mass take hold of the region next week.

3.) Looking down the road, I took a look at Accuweather's 15 day forecast, and we will see a substantial change in temperatures as highs will stay in the 40's and lows in the mid 20's starting around Thursday of next week and probably holding throughout the rest of November. Accuweather also shows a chance of rain next Sunday, with temperatures in the mid 20's that night...call me crazy, but I sincerely think if the rain holds its' ground next Sunday through the early morning hours, we may see the season's first few flakes of snow fall...again let me stress...if the rain continues all night. The only thing that is promised is time will tell. The mountains are a different story, as next weekend, west facing slopes will see a few inches of snow. Folks, Winter is almost here, and it seems as if Old Man Winter is ready to come out a little early.
Thursday, November 6, 2008

1.) It has been a great day across the Carolinas, with widespread 70's and no rain (although rain would be fine with me). Tomorrow will be another repeat, so a good end to the work week.

2.) Speaking of rain, we are really in need of it. Up in the mountains, it is getting harder and harder to fly fish, as the streams are getting lower with every USGS water data report. Right now, the Davidson River over in the town of Brevard, is flowing pretty steadily at 26 cfs, with the average for today being around 103 cfs. The Tuckasegee River is at 264, and it should be around 361. Water temps are on the cool side, so the trout are happy with this. If you do venture out in the coming days, I would still wear waders, even though the air temp is in the 70's, the water is still very cold. Most anglers have had luck with droppers (Stimulators, Wulffs, etc), along with any small beadhead nymph. Since the water is low and clear, use 6x, and stick to those riffles and runs. This time of year, the trout are congregated in this area, looking for anything that looks like a bug. Seams, which is where the fast current meets the slower current, is also a great option right now. Make sure the trout don't see you, and the fish should pounce on any fly, as long as it is presented well.
Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Check this out, another great article with great maps for this Winter...once again another impressive outlook for cold and snow across the Carolinas. I think that with the number of Winter outlooks showing a snowy, old fashioned Winter, we may be on to something. Another thing, is the increased potential for a major ice storm somewhere in the southern Appalachians, through Atlanta and here in the Piedmont, which includes Charlotte. Snow is what we want. Snow good, ice not so good, (anyway you look at it, you can't have snowball fight with ice, unless you want to be in the hospital). Of course this could all turn to the worst and we see but only one snowflake or something along those lines, but for now, keep hope alive... we should have at least a few good Winter weather (snow) events....I hope. Again, check out the link and see what you think.

Monday, November 3, 2008
1.) It has been a dreary, overcast day here in the QC area. There isn't a lot, if any rain in the gauge, and it should stay that way today. Tomorrow we may see a few showers from the low off the coast, but really places like Wilmington, the Outer Banks, the far reaches of the Sandhills, and all of the Grand Strand/Myrtle Beach area, will be in line for some respectable amounts. Temps will be in the upper 50's and up into the low 60's today, while tomorrow, low to mid 60's are expected. We will see a brief warm up with low 70's for highs prior to an approaching cold front. This time the cold won't be as intense like last week, but it is still a lot colder than we have seen the past couple of days.

2.) If you plan on fishing over the next few days, use light tippet, and be as stealthy as possible. Water levels are low, and the worst thing an angler could do when the water is this low, is to stand up on the bank, shaking bushes, and stomping around, and then jumping into the water, scaring all of those big trophy trout. Wear drab colored clothing, and try to make your casts from behind the fish. Since today and tomorrow will be overcast and cool, use BWO's. Always remember, clouds + cool temps= BWO's.

3.) The New England Patriots lost to Indianapolis last night, the score turned out to be 18-15.
Saturday, November 1, 2008
1.) It is finally the first day of November. Leaves are really starting to become fire red and orange thanks to the very chilly nights lately. Highs here in NC have been pleasant with upper 60's and low 70's today. Tomorrow, we will be in the upper to mid 60's, so a little adjustment in the temps. But hold on.... cold air will charge into the lower 48 sometime late next week, and with it, we'll have a flashback of what we saw a few days ago. If we could just get some rain.... I mean we already have the cold, so where is the rain?!?!
2.) Area trout streams are on their way back down, and most of them are low and extremely clear. 6x is needed to entice the wily trout of the southern Appalachians into biting. Nymphs to have in your box would include small PT nymphs, Hare's ear nymphs, small Copper Johns, BWO nymphs, small bright green caddis larvae patterns, and Prince Johns, Montana Princes, Zug Bugs, Red Squirrel Nymphs, and even lightning bugs and Bloody Marys. Dries to have in your dry fly box would include small Adams, midges, rubber legged Stimulators, Royal Wulffs, Ausable Wulffs, and small caddis patterns. Overall, being stealthy, and using 6x tippet is way more important than fly selection.
3.) Appalachian State won over Wofford 70-24... this is football folks. It is hard to decipher whether or not this is a football or a basketball score. App State has an extraordinary football team, and some talented players. Check out the Wx-or-not blog...its on my blog list, for more App State stuff.

4.) Make sure you set that clock back 1 hour tonight.

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